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Professionals at work in a remote area may be at high risk in a medical emergency if a thorough plan is not in place. Improper medical emergency planning could result in fatal consequences. We can help you minimize these risks.

East West Rescue has several decades of experience, resources, and knowledge of conditions in the Indian subcontinent to organize surveys, set up Field Hospitals or first aid stations for companies. We have been surveying sites, providing emergency medical services and manning medical units in remote areas since 1989. We have provided this service to companies in remote areas involved in building dams in mountainous regions, drilling for oil in deserts etc. Surveys are also done for offices and MNC’s in cities.

Medical Audits

This consists of assessment of

  • Onsite medical facilities and documentation

  • Medical supplies, storage and disposal

Site Survey

This involves assessment and recommendations related to

  • Local health and medical conditions and risks
  • Water supply, hygiene, living and dining facilities
  • Kitchen and staff - food preparation, storage and hygiene
  • Site safety, identification of accident and health risks
  • Local health care facilities, physicians
  • Medical Emergency and Evacuation protocols
  • Recommendations to improve medical and health facilities at site
  • Implementation of Emergency plans or redesigning protocols
  • Periodic reassessment and review

Site coverage

East West Rescue provides coverage in the form of medical assistance for visiting dignitaries, individuals, corporations, events, tour groups, schools, construction sites (oil rigs, mining, dams) and expeditions.

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Development of Medical facilities

Specialized first aid training for site personnel

Assist in procurement of medical equipment, medication and supplies of Field hospital or medical units at site

Site Medical checkups Routine Physical examination and Vaccinations by an EWR physician and medical team