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Home Appreciation


We regard the hundreds of letters of appreciation as a true mark of our high quality, ethical and professional care.

Below are a few notes from clients, patients, their relatives or friends to the East West Group.

Entries are entered only up to those received till May 2012.

Thank you for including us on your Christmas and New Year’s mailing list and family newsletters. Many thanks also to patients or their relatives who have popped in to see us just to say hello when passing through Delhi, even decades later. It’s wonderful to see you again!

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2015 - 2019

I just wanted to confirm my sincere gratitude for your professionalism, care and support during the repatriation journey last week. It made such a difference. I hope you had the chance to enjoy seeing Leeds and had a comfortable return journey home.
Sheila (patient)

Thank you so much for the great and quick assistance you provided on this case. We are happy to be able to always rely on you.
APRIL, Paris.

Well done, you have been most excellent to work with.
We Assist

Thank you very much for update and the seamless support in the whole process.
TATA AIG Insurance

just wanted to pass on my gratitude to your team who did a marvellous job transporting my brother from Dehrudun to Delhi. It was as smooth a process as could have been possible. The Dr and the nurse were fantastic. I certainly hope our paths cross again when my brother is given the go ahead to return to Australia.

Thank you very much for your assistance with this complex case, we appreciate it deeply.
Bupa global

Thanks for the timely update and the service rendered. All at the United Nations were satisfied and happy over your Medevac service.
Dr Beschi

Thank you as always for the assistance and keeping us informed on the progress of our transports.
One call.

ABC and I want to thank you ever so much for returning us home to Australia.
We were touched by your amazing work!
And we could never have done it without you!
We would love to hear back from you
Massive thanks East West Rescue!!!!
T.F. (Patient)

When my daughter Abc told me that she decide to go to India to complete her volunteering program as a French teacher in Roorkee, I ask her Why India? Is so far away ! I did not realize that this trip had a Deep purpose in her life, in my life and in our family's life . This bus accident in Rishikesh allowed us not only to grow personally, but gave us the opportunity to meet so amazing people in India . My gratitude to East West Rescue staff specially to Director Dr. Chawla, all the doctors who helped us transfer Abc from Dehradun to Delhi and to our trip back to Colombia . All our gratitude. I sincerely want you to know that in our country Colombia you have my and Abc's friendship. Count with our blessings with our deepest and most sincere gratitude. Good bless you.

I just wanted to share with you an email that I have just received from the friend of our patient. The email says: "An excellent medical team, and in addition, really pleasant” Well done, team :)

Please thank your medical team for all their hard work, we really appreciate their your assistance on this case.
AAI Australia

Back in October you accompanied my mother from Bangelore to London and I promised to let you know how she is. We both want to thank you for your care and kindness on the journey home to the UK; it made a great difference knowing you were there and it was much appreciated. I also very much enjoyed the film you recommended about the search for a baseballer in India (I forget the name now)! I hope you and your family are well and send you our best wishes.

Thank you so much, if only everybody at the insurance company had been so helpful. Many thanks

On behalf of Abc, Xyz and myself, thank you for your invaluable support on bringing Brian back home to the UK, please pass on my best regards and grateful thanks to all your team at East West rescue.

I am extremely grateful to you. it is most appreciated. Best wishes,
IMG (Internationial Medical Group)

Thank you so much for this follow-up, and for your assistance. We will not soon forget your efforts to assist our client in this extreme situation!

Regarding this file, insured wants to thanks this service and all people involved and hospital, also the quality and speed in assistance. Thank you also by our side,

Dear East West Rescue Team, Thank you so very much for a successful event! Your expertise, responsiveness and professionalism – and your flexibility being faced with multiple re-adjustments to the project – are absolutely outstanding! THANK YOU!!! Also, many thanks for the pictures – what a set up you had! Very impressive. Very Happy Diwali to the team at EWR! Healthcare Intelligence, UnitedHealthcare Global Solutions

Dear Friends Greetings from Canada! Thank you for your excellent assistance with this case, much appreciated!
LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services, Inc.

i am ABC , the old lady who had a vertebral fracture during a trip in India. I am always remembering your competence and hiumankind during the flight from India to Italy. I never can forget, you showed friendship in a bad moment. I am getting better, i walk without problems. If you come to Italy please contact me. All the best for you and happy new year Best Regards
Gabriella (patient)

We would like to say a big thank you for your assistance with the above case. I have just spoken with the patient and said your Nurse was wonderful and looked after her very well.
QBE, Australia.

We very much appreciate your ongoing support. It is especially comforting to me to know that I am able to speak with you if needed. Thank you for being so generous with your time and sharing of your thoughts, experience and other information in relation to the current COVID -19 situation. As always you are very much appreciated by me and more broadly by the AHC community.
Australian High Commission, New Delhi.

Thank you so much for your (as always) excellent and quick assistance! You are truly an amazing partner, we are fortunate to work with you!

Thank you so much for this follow-up, and for your assistance. We will not soon forget your efforts to assist our client in this extreme situation during Covid!
Travelguard USA

For the first aid/lectures pages Thank you very much for delivering a wonderful course - the feedback from attendees has been incredible.


Many thanks for your precious help.

Gruppo Filo diretto

Thank you very much for your, as always, great assistance. ihi Bupa

Thank you for handling this case so well.
SOS International a/s

Thank-you for your e-mail and update below, your assistance on this case was excellent as always.


We want you to know that meeting you at that point in our lives, knowing that you understood the depth of our pain and sorrow, and the kind words you put across to us have made some very difficult moments a little more bearable these past months. God bless you all. Yours ever.

Words alone cannot express the gratitude I feel towards you all, even though I was not the patient. Compassionate, caring, professional, efficient, competent.
Karen. USA.

Thank you so much - really appreciate it. Customer Care, Australia

We really appreciate your assistance and cooperation.
EMA Finland Oy (Emergency Medical Assistance)

Great Job, everyone!

Doctors and Nurses. I thank you.
Joao. Portugueses.

I would just like to express my thanks to you and your team for my care these past days in Delhi.
Patient from – www. arel.com.au

Thank you for all your help.
Thanks again.
On call International

I’m very thankful to everybody of you, for you attention and kindness. Traverso

Margarita and myself would like to thank you so much for receiving us today with such short notice. Yourself , your wife and your medical staff in East West would always have a very special place in our hearts following the most professional treatment and outstanding human care provided to me in 1987. I attach a few the pictures we took in your office today. Please accept our best regards and kindly give our regards to Dr. Ravinder for his attention to us today and all other members of your staff involved in 1987. We wish you all good health for the future and best of luck for the new hospital. Torbjorn.

The Caring Clinic.
I can't believe it is almost seven weeks since I was a patient in your clinic. Please accept my apologies for taking so long to write and thank you for all the loving care I received there.I can't thank all of you enough at East West Medical Centre for the treatment I received there.

If you should ever find yourselves back in Edinburgh, I would be delighted to offer you my hospitality

With my very best wishes to you both and with special good wishes to Dr. Sangeeta.

My love and my prayers be with you all at East West Clinic.
Ever in my thoughts!

We cannot thank you enough for what you and your colleagues did for ABCD, both in treatment an ensuring he got to the airport for his flight home. Please thank Dr Sangeeta, who admitted ABCD to the Center, for her kindness when I spoke to her on the phone.

Thank you very much for your fast response! We really do appreciate your and East-West Rescue’s help on this case! Euro-Center (Thailand)

Thank you so much for your prompt reply, I have sent the details to my son and his girlfriend.)

Thank you for all the assistance provided.

Thank you from all of us in Ireland. We especially appreciated the time you gave to all our phone calls.

I am grateful to your entire team for taking care of me and enabling me to return home in a cheerful disposition. I take back with me memories of beautiful people who with their gentleness and warmth eased my pain.

I had to come over here a week ago since I was sick and weak and coughing…etc. I was also a bit scared because I didn’t know what is going to happen here, and hospitals are not my favourite places to be…
At the time I spent here I got the best treatment from all of you and besides you being highly professional. You were also considerate, understanding and helpful. And it’s very important for me to thank you for that – each and everyone who I met here

So even though the time of sickness is not the time for fun and joy – I was very relaxed and confident that I was in good hands. And I appreciate that a lot.
So thank you so much.


What I really want to say is that I feel a great deal of gratitude for the way that you cared for ABC. I probably will never get the chance to meet you but you will always have a special place in my heart because when Ashley needed a special person to care for her, you were there.
If by any chance you are ever in the Toronto/Hamilton area of Canada, we would be honoured to entertain you and show you our gratitude in person.

We want to thank you for the service you and your team provide us, and especially in the latest case of our policyholder, the late Mr. ABCD.

We are very happy for our excellent cooperation, even though that some times things don't go the way we wish it to be. In this particular case, the family insisted to use their own sherpas, even though they were more expensive than those offered by you. As it was a very sad situation for the family, we agreed to let them proceed with their own arrangements for the recovery of the body.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter. Once again, we would like this opportunity to thank You and your professional team for the great services you have given us in the last many years, and we hope to continue our good teamwork.
Ihi Bupa

Many thanks for all the hard work and great assistance in the case.

Thank you for your fast response!
Thank you for your effort!
SOS International Amsterdam

Once again, thank you for everything you are doing for our patient.
God Bless,

Marine Corps Logistics Command Forward
Honeywell Technology Solutions
Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan

Again, thank you very much for your flexibility and invaluable assistance.
Travel guard Chartis

We thank you for your most valuable help!!
SOS International a/s

Thank you for your wonderful assistance throughout the year with many of our cases.
Wishing you both a great year in 2012.
We look forward to continuing to work with you.

Hi from IFRA;
Thanks for your effort – have a nice evening

Thanks a lot for your always wonderful help.
Grupo Europ Assistance

Again, thank you for looking into this and for all your help. As always, East-West Rescue will be the first place we turn to in India and the region!
Travel Guard Chartis

Thanks Dr for all you do. Have a good summer.
Best wishes

Thank you for all your help with this case.
ON CALL International

Good work, thank you!
Mapfre Asistencia

I just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for everything you did for me in bringing me into your care and looking after me last week.

XYZ has approved this plan because just like me has the greatest confidence in and respect for the work you do.
Dr Henrik

May I first say that it was a pleasure working with you one more time and looking forward for our next Medevac.
Tangiers International Ltd

I would like to use this opportunity to tell you that having you as my doctor made a big difference to my confidence in my ability to survive in India healthwise! I have carried your number and the East West clinic number all my time here. I am sure I will never have the personal touch you offer again in my life and I wish there were more doctors that give their patients such confidence, like you

Thank you for this information. I greatly appreciate your help.

Thanks for everything you have done for Mme ABCD. Her companion, Mr.ABCD, was very appreciative of the care and efforts at EWMC and wrote something about it which I have translated below

I think the Indian clinical care was excellent and very human and especially the open ongoing dialogue which is cruelly lacking in our French hospitals even when the end result is a success.
Ambassade de France en Inde

Thank you for this. I am sure Mrs. ABCD has reminded you how much of a GOD sent you are.
Best regards,
MEDEX Global Solutions
Emergency Response Center, Assistance Services

I don't think I ever had the opportunity to thank you for the care you provided to me and for protecting me on the return trip to Seattle. You made a huge difference in my life.
Sincerely, Jesse

Dear Dr Bhat
Thank you very much for your help.
Kind regards
Ihi Bupa

Thank you so much for your assistance on this case. As always you and your crew are a model of professionalism and efficiency.
Medical Assist Coordinator
Chartis AIG

I want to thank you for the great job you are doing.
Best regards,

Thank you so much for helping my mother today and for scan and fwd this mail for her. God bless you. Warm Regards

I just spoke with the sister of the patient. They have visited your recommended hospital. Tthey were very pleased with the treatment.
Thank you very much for your assistance.
SOS International Amsterdam.

as you know in Belgium the high medical sommities are called "Sir". But today, as you have been my daughter’s doctor ad as you cured her of her distress, you cured me at the same time of my anxiety...
I know how uneasy to treat is an undiagnosed disease, and more I appreciate the treatment you chosed in an impaludated area.
Let me thank you too for the kindness and the affectionate manner she has been managed, (as I have been too! ), in your clinic by you self and all your team and staff

With all our gratitude!
Sincerely yours J.H.

let me thank you once again for the good medical cares you and your team provided to my old carcass!
I recovered in next to no time and my discovery of Kolkata was moving.
With all my best regards to you and all your staff.
Till to my next "safari" in India!
Sincerely your's

Just to say thank you for your usual excellent assistance on this case
The patient arrived safely to the UK
First Assist, UK

Thank you for your assistance, the family would also like to thank you for all your hard work and your teams hard work, in retrieving Mr ABCD safely.
Customer care, Australia

Thank you very much for your help in this case.
Kind regards.

Please see positive comments from our Crew departments regarding the handling of the incident with our crew member.

We at Lufthansa appreciate the coordination and professionalism displayed by all involved.
Please pass it on to all concerned.
Thanks and Best Regards
Pervaiz Khan

immediate treatment by a doctor was guaranteed before we even arrived at the East-West Hospital, at about 4.30 pm. I was provided with a translator (a very nice young lady who was patient and smiling all the time)
In the hospital, Ms. ABCD was checked by a powerful doctor who encouraged her and did a first check. The hygiene was excellent and so was the personal touch she gave Ms. ABCD. After a few minutes it was clear that the wound would need stitching, so a surgeon was called especially. Doctor Madan is an amazing man with a lot of surgery experience and a great deal of trustworthiness, so finally Ms.ABCD was able to relax and wind down. The wound was stitched in such an excellent way.

I felt supported all the time and in safe hands - thank you again for everything you did for us crew members in this unusual situation

Many thanks again for you very valuable help with this case on this difficult location.
We are happy to hear that Mr ABCD is actually recovering well and will not require a transfer.
Once again the Team at FirstAssist is very impressed with your efficiency and prompt answer.
First Assist, UK

We appreciate your help with ABCD’s medical situation.
Kind regards,


We appreciate your hard work in arranging this on our behalf.
Kind regards,

The PBC Team and family wishes to thank you and the East West Medical Centre Team including Doctors, Nurses and Supporting staff for your care and assistance during the year 2010 With best regards,
Sincerely, K

Thanks so much for all your assistance with this case. You are always most helpful!!
Kind regards,
Dynamiq, Australia


I am an Emergency Physician and Medical Advisor for Geographic Expeditions. We have spoken earlier this year about two other evacuations your wonderful company has done for us. Thank you for your involvement with the air evacuation efforts for the ABCD’s.
With best regards,
Geographic Expeditions

Thank you for the assessment. It is much appreciated.
Medjet Assist

Thank you so much for your prompt and professional handling of the case.
SOS Copenhagen


On behalf of Bupa World Wide Medical Assistance thank you very much for your provided update and assistance.
Our Warmest Regards
Bupa Worldwide Medical Assistance

You must be starting your day -- I miss Delhi already and I have only been home for a few days. Once again, thank you so much for seeing me. It was a bit strange returning to the very clinic and even to the very room where I was diagnosed with 4.7% malaria several years ago. It was even the same doctor who diagnosed it at the time.
In the meantime, thank you again for everything. It is a great clinic and Delhi is lucky to have you all! So are the travellers who invariably come down with all sorts of things.
Best wishes and much appreciation for all your kindness.
Associate Professor of South Asian Studies
Department of Religious Studies
Queen's University

Once again thank you to all at EWR who helped compile the excellent country and medical information. As you can see, it came in helpful even if only to know that the facility in question was not adequate and the patient needed to be transferred elsewhere. I think we’ll have a few more of these before the summer is out.
First Assist UK


We appreciate our relationship with your office!
US Department of State
US Embassy, New Delhi

Dear team of East West,
I just received news from Paris that Mr. ABCD arrived in France without any incident and is in the company of his brothers who had come to receive him at the airport.
I join them in thanking you and the staff of East West for your help.
Affaires Sociales
Ambassade de France en Inde

Thanks for the wonderful medical attention and successful care during my stay in your Clinic, all my best thanks and regards to you and all your sympathetic médical staff, including the Nurses!

Many thanks for your help!!
Kind regards

Thank you for providing such efficient assistance on this case so far and arranging the transfer as below,
First Assist, UK

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