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Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance

Home Medical Assistance

Whatever the medical emergency and wherever in the Subcontinent, EWR can extend a helping hand, 365 days a year. We constantly endeavor to improve the access to and delivery of the best possible medical services for our clients. We, at East West Rescue contain the cost of services by efficiently managing the appropriateness of care as well as the actual costs.

Our experienced teams are aware of the emergencies peculiar to the Subcontinent and all patients are handled with complete understanding and compassion. All requests are dealt with immediately. Unexpected illness is frightening when away from home and family. We understand the need for rapid and prompt response to all medical emergencies. Our staff are fluent in English and are multilingual for various languages of the Indian subcontinent.

Medical Assistance Services :

Medical Case Monitoring Service

Medical Reports and updates:

We can obtain detailed medical reports from networked hospitals and physicians and assess the treatment being given. We professionally monitor a patient at any hospital in the territories we cover. Our Doctors confer with the treating doctors and monitor the care the patient receives and also provide daily medical reports to the concerned family, organization, Assistance or Insurance company.

Monitoring and Cost Containment:

Our Medical Team monitors and assess the patient's condition and progress throughout the period of hospital admission. This controls unnecessary tests being performed and also eliminates prolonged hospitalisations.

Assessment & Advice:

The East West Rescue team will keep the requesting company, next of kin/travel companion informed of the patient's progress. Recommendations and advice are provided as to appropriateness of treatment and what further action might be required.

Hospitalization and Consultation

East West Rescue can arrange for consultation or hospitalization in over approximately 4000 networked hospitals in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives and Pakistan. Hotel visit or house call can also be arranged in most locations. This reassures the patient and also facilitates treatment.

House Calls / Hotel Visits

Hotel visit or house call can also be arranged in most locations. This reassures the patient and also facilitates treatment.

Repatriation/ transfers

We can arrange for transfer of a patient from a location with inadequate facilities to a facility with superior medical facilities or their home town. This could be by road ambulance, air ambulance or commercial scheduled flight repatriations. Territories covered for air ambulances are the Indian subcontinent and various sectors in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. for details

Investigation of Fraudulent Medical Claims

EWR can investigate fraudulent claims in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives and Pakistan & Afghanistan.

Emergency Medical backup

East West Rescue provides medical backup in the form of medical assistance for visiting dignitaries, individuals, corporations, events, tour groups, schools, construction sites (oil rigs, mining, hydroelectric power) and expeditions

Onsite in Delhi NCR: We can provide a medical team (Doctor and Nurse) , road ambulance ATLS, ACLS, drugs and equipment. We can be visible to the client/ public or undercover if required. We work and coordinate with the clients security teams. Example- Heads of State, High Net Worth Individuals, Royalty etc.

Search and Rescue

We are actively involved in search and rescue of trekkers, campers and mountaineers (such as to Mount Everest).

EWR is involved with feet on the ground & satellite aided searches. We have a hotline with the Indian Mission Control Center (ISRO) and other centers Worldwide whenever an Epirb is activated in the Indian subcontinent. This enables rapid rescue from the location transmitted by the beacon.
Local beacon registration
International beacon registration

Repatriation of Mortal remains

In the unfortunate event of fatal incident, we can arrange for RMR back to home city & country. This service can be provided from anywhere in the sub-continent – worldwide and also within the sub-continent.

Oxygen provision

This can be arranged for travellers in major cities in India whether at their home or traveling by road with an escort. Oxygen can also be arranged on international scheduled commercial flights.

Funds transfer

We can transfer payment to hospitals on behalf of assistance companies, insurance companies and corporations. This service can be provided in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives and Pakistan.

We can also transfer funds to your clients who have been robbed.

Airline tickets

We can arrange for tickets for patients, their family, medical escorts along with any special requirements they may need onboard the aircraft.

Hotel bookings, taxi transfers:

This service can be provided to Patients, their family and medical escorts in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives, Pakistan.


We have a network of hospitals, physicians and ambulance providers in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Afghanistan.

Site services

Professionals at work in a remote area may be at high risk in a medical emergency if a workable action/ evacuation plan is not in place. Improper medical emergency planning could result in fatal consequences. We can help you minimize these risks.

East West Rescue has the expertise, flexibility, determination, resources, and knowledge of conditions in the Indian subcontinent to survey, set up Field Hospitals or several first aid stations for companies. We have been surveying sites, providing emergency medical services and manning medical units in remote areas since 1989. We have provided this service to companies in remote areas involved in building dams in mountainous regions, drilling for oil HVAC sites etc.

Site Services Offered

Medical audit

This consists of assessment of :

  • Onsite medical facilities and documentation
  • Medical supplies, storage and disposal

Site Survey

This involves assessment and recommendations related to

  • Local health and medical conditions and risks
  • Site safety
  • Medical Emergency and Evacuation protocols
  • Implementation of Emergency plans
  • Periodic reassessment and review

Site coverage

East West Rescue provides both remote and onsite medical back up for construction sites such as oil rigs, mining, dams etc.


EWR helps set up an on-site hospital and first aid stations and provides medical manpower.


Members can Access our 24/7 Alarm Centre for advice and recommendations on health and emergencies. When required our medical teams are dispatched to the incident site with medical equipment and air ambulance.

Site Medical Emergency, Incident and Evacuation training

  • Training your staff in first aid, CPR & AED
  • Implementing, training and debriefing staff on existing emergency plans
  • Conducting a realistic drill to reconfirm feasibility

Development of Medical facilities

EWR helps set up on site hospitals and first aid stations and provides the medical manpower. Equipment and supplies are also procured for each station or clinic.

Site Medical checkups

Routine Physical examination and Vaccinations by an EWR physician and Nurses.