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Since 1970, patients, their families and various organizations have trusted us to safely transport their loved ones.

We have over 51 years of experience in repatriating ill or injured patients for families, corporations, managed care companies, hospitals, nursing homes, assistance companies, insurance companies, Diplomatic missions etc.

EWR can transport patients by road, air or sea, whether by ground ambulance, air ambulance, helicopter, commercial airliners or speed boat. We provide several types of evacuation, transportation and repatriation services to suit a patient's medical requirements, location also provide bedside to bedside transfers.

Air Medical Transport of Patients

Air Ambulance Medical Evacuation (by Helicopter, Airplane)

We provide air ambulance services within India and also to Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Middle East, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, China and continue to keep extending our wings.

The Indian subcontinent has medical facilities varying from sophisticated to the basic minimum. Many a time patients require surgery or specialized care and require to be transferred to a hospital with adequate facilities for their diagnosis. Time is an important factor in these cases and EWR provides rapid, professional care and transfer of such patients. We are dedicated to providing flawless professional air ambulance transfer of patients to and from the Subcontinent, South East Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Our extensive experience of over FIVE decades of serving the aero medical field allows us to confidently and efficiently evacuate seriously injured or sick patients from even the remotest of areas. We are known Worldwide for our high safety standards and professionalism.

Our in-house operations and coordination personnel make the arrangements necessary for air transportation. We have full time medical teams comprising of Doctors and Nurses. Our doctors have aviation physiology training and undergo ATLS, ACLS & air evacuation training regularly.

We utilize the most appropriate means of transfer according to the location and condition of the patient. Critical care aircrafts are outfitted as flying intensive care units with all lifesaving equipment and medication. EWR has performed more air ambulance transfers than any other provider in the Subcontinent.

With an experience of thousands of air ambulances over more than 5 Decades of air medical transport, our flight medical staff are trained to handle the most critical of patients whether they are on life support, have myocardial infarction or multi-trauma etc. and provide dedicated critical care in the skies. Our service ensures continuity of quality care to all our patients.

Our Aero medical teams are available to respond quickly to emergencies. Our full time medical teams are well qualified and experienced medical professionals. Within minutes of a call, all the necessary arrangements for medical evacuation is coordinated so that prompt transfer is coordinated with the appropriate medical team and specialists, always taking into consideration the patient best interests.

Our medical teams are chosen based on the needs of the patient. Critically ill patients are transported in an intensive care setting. When required, additional specialists accompany the patient. Critical care aircrafts are outfitted as flying intensive care units with lifesaving equipment and medication.

Whenever possible, we try to accommodate the transport of a companion on the patient's flight at no additional cost. However, the patient's needs are our priority. Each medical flight is customized to the individual's transport needs and conditions may preclude having other passengers aboard.

Commercial airlines & Repatriation

Repatriation and Transfer via International and Domestic Commercial Aircraft.

We have repatriated patients to and from all continents except from the Antarctica. This service encompasses worldwide transfers and is not restricted to flights to and from the Indian subcontinent. Any person requiring any form of medical assistance for traveling may use this service. Our Medical teams and specialized state- of -the art equipments are based in New Delhi, India.

East West Rescue has been repatriating patients on commercial airlines with medical escorts or full medical teams for over 51 years. We have done thousands of commercial plane repatriations.

Seated patients or Stretcher patients not requiring life support:

Our Medical Escort Service caters to patients who require the expertise and care of a medical escort while traveling on an airline stretcher or as a seated passenger.

Doctor escorts are available for patients who are fit to travel on commercial airlines but require medical assistance and dedicated care during the flight. When required both a Doctor and Nurse accompany the patient.

This service also includes facilitation and arrangement of:

  • Disabled persons (physical or mental disability)
  • Persons unable to tend for themselves during their flight back home due to their medical condition such as recuperating from an illness, accident or operation.
  • Patients not on life support systems who require care, both medical and non medical

Patients on Life support or with Serious illness or injuries on International Commercial flights

This service is available on select International airlines. The patient is isolated from the rest of the passengers on board by a special private cabin or screened area. Patients on life support or with serious injuries are accompanied by a full medical team (Doctor, Nurse, Anesthetist/Critical Care Specialist etc) as necessary, with all necessary and essential advanced life saving equipment and medication. This service includes:

  • Bedside to bedside service
  • Obtaining medical clearance from airlines
  • Coordination with hospital patient is currently admitted at
  • Coordination with receiving hospital
  • Arrangement of road ambulances
  • Boarding and seating

Road Ambulance

Surface / Road Ambulance

East West rescue can provide road ambulances throughout the Indian subcontinent. We can provide BLS, ACLS ambulances with life saving State-of- the- Art equipment, medical teams and medication to allow continuation of expert care during transportation . A


A minimum standard of medical equipment is carried on all air ambulance, road ambulance and scheduled flight repatriations. Equipment taken on board is selected depending on the medical history of the patient. Throughout the air ambulance flight, commercial flight or ground ambulance, our team maintains a high level of intensive care through the use of our state of the art equipment, which is regularly inspected for both effectiveness and dedicated efficiency. All equipment is owned by us and is located in New Delhi, India. All medical equipment and supplies are checked before and after each repatriation by the Chief Flight Nurse to assure proper function, battery charge, maintenance and inventory of all medical equipment and medication. Our equipment is approved for air medical transport.

Our outstanding reputation for medical care is due to our experienced and well-trained medical professionals and their knowledge of the equipment aboard the aircraft or road ambulance. Over 5 decades of experience in patient transport and care have been applied to our selection of equipment, medication and trained Medical personnel for our missions.