Perfect weather and miles to go before we sleep. Zanskar (6000m in Jammu & Kashmir, India)
Rugged, wobbly but beautiful view and very exciting
Upwards we go
Where I slipped and fell and broke my leg
Making a stretcher to carry me
Getting set to go to a safe pick up point for medical assistance and medical evacuation
And off we go
Now we have to climb a steeper terrain and need a different type of Stretcher to carry me.
So rugged and tricky an area that they need to guide the carriers
And they still manage to keep supporting my leg and keep me comfortable.
Brave and strong men discussing the next route and how to ensure my safety
Taking a break and charting out the plan to cross two rivers
Another stretcher being created to carry me across the rapid river with sudden unknown deep sections
And off we go again.
A calm and cold river
A dangerous river and freezing water.
One helper checking out deep spots and warning my carriers.
Hold on, do not let go, we are almost across. Plant your feet firmly, do not get swept away!
We made it!!!! In the Aircraft with East West Rescue.
Enjoying the care and luxury at the hospital. I have had my operation too.
Look at me! IÕm doing so well. Already walking. Thank you East West!