East West Rescue

  • Medical Assistance

    Whatever the medical emergency and wherever in the Subcontinent, EWR can extend a helping hand, 365 days a year.

  • Air Medical Transport

    Since 1970, patients and their families have trusted us to safely transport their loved ones

  • Medical Backup

    Emergency Medical Backup both onsite and remotely for Visiting dignitaries, Exhibitions, Sports Events...

  • Road Ambulance

    We can provide ACLS, BLS road ambulances so as to provide continuation of expert care during transportation via road....

  • Equipment

    Our state of the art equipment is approved for air medical transport and is regularly inspected and maintained for both effectiveness and efficiency. All equipment is owned by us.

  • Travel Medicine

    Visit our travel clinic for vaccinations or advice on health, travel and safety. We have our own bestselling travel and healthy living handbook...

  • Training and Lectures

    Learn how to save a life! Since 1998 we have trained and certified thousands of individuals to be first aiders...

  • Site Services

    East West Rescue has over 22 years of experience and resources to survey locations or set up Field Hospitals in the remotest of areas...

About Us

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One Group
One Company
One Location
One Extended Family
One Call ( or email or fax)
One Answer - YES
One Solution

East West Rescue (EWR) is the brainchild of our Medical Director Dr N.P.S.Chawla, our Medical Director.

Dr Chawla conducted his first air ambulance in India 1970 and handled his first Medical Assistance case in 1969 and from then onwards there was no looking back. Individuals and companies have trusted East West Rescue to look after their loved ones for over 40 years. We have an excellent safety record and have earned worldwide recognition.

The East West Group : We are a family run organization providing various health care services since 1920. The family supervises and is actively involved in the various branches of our "Family Tree". Our colleagues in the group are also a part of our extended "Family". Several members in our "Family" have been with us for over 30 years.

East West Rescue (EWR) provides medical assistance and air ambulance services to select organizations and companies. This keeps our quality of service and customer satisfaction high. We are the leading provider of medical assistance and repatriation in the Indian Subcontinent. We maintain a one to one relationship with our client companies, have mutual respect, maintain good communication and also have accountability towards our clients. By "The Family" being actively involved, we maintain a personal touch, are empathetic and helpful to your clients.

We have no branch offices. We believe in working from one location so that our high performance and quality can be consistent and can also be directly supervised.

The other branches our "The Family Tree" are East West Medical Center, East West Assist, Indian Air Ambulance, East West Inc Agn.

Dr N.P.S.Chawla, MBE,


Dr N.P.S.Chawla is a graduate from AIIMS (All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences), the Premier medical school in India. He has specialized in Internal Medicine and Cardiology in Nottingham and Glasgow. He has taught and done his fellowship cardiology at Harvard and Parkland Memorial in Texas, USA. Dr Chawla has published several medical articles, an Encyclopedia on Health (Penguin publications) and has received many awards for his expertise and professionalism and also on the quality of care given by the East West health care and assistance companies. In 2010, Dr Chawla was awarded by Her Majesty, the Queen of England - the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire - M.B.E. and in 2012 was conferred the Order of the Civil Merit by His Majesty, King Juan Carlos I of Spain.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the finest health care and efficient medical assistance to our clients. We constantly endeavor to improve the access to and delivery of the best possible medical services for your clients. We, at East West Rescue strive to contain the cost of services by efficiently managing the appropriateness of care as well as the actual costs.

Our Philosophy

We are Committed, Alert, Receptive and Energetic.

People come first for East West Rescue. Everyone in need of help is treated with utmost respect and care. We believe that reassurance and a caring approach are a vital component of medical treatment.

Our motto includes doing everything possible and to find the best solution, that we would like to be done for us if we were in a similar situation. Going that extra mile is routine and automatic for our assistance and medical teams.

We regard the thousands of letters of appreciation from our patients, clients or their family and friends as a true mark of our high quality, caring ethical and professional care.

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